The New Leadership


Want to see astonishing demand for your skills and results?

the simplest way to level up your leadership

The New Leadership is the ONLY course that gives you what every business expert calls the most important leadership skills for the next decade.  No hype…I’ll show you what works.  You do the exercises, and you’ll see a difference in days.

why "the new leadership"?

Everywhere I go, I see the same thing:

Teams are bound up in busy-work. Results take forever, and no-one is happy or fulfilled.

To make things worse, the outside world creates even more uncertainty and challenge at work.  People are stressed and scared.  More than ever, the world needs GREAT leaders.  This is an area of high demand, but…

Nobody has these skills.

Nobody seems to know how to train, develop, or hire leaders of impact and effectiveness.  That’s where I come in.

what you'll get...

I create unforgettable experiences that create heroes.  I’ve done the hard work.  I’ve studied and worked with the best. I’ve simplified their attitudes and practices to make them accessible to everyone.  That means YOU can start building these elite skills TODAY – and its never been easier.  You’ll have skills that are highly desirable to companies – and in short supply.  Imagine what this could do to your career.  Your life.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The coveted skills of legendary leaders
    • easily build connection with ANYONE
    • establish a clear and compelling WHY
    • motivate and influence teams…without ‘rewards or punishments’
    • be an authentic and fearless original that people can’t get enough of
    • stop people-pleasing and rule-worshipping
    • the SECRET to selling yourself, your ideas (and anything else!)
    • massive levels of creativity and innovation on demand
    • hit targets and be successful at anything
    • stay focused and resilient in challenging times
    • and more!
  • Concise instruction (3-5 minutes per module) so you never get overwhelmed
  • Summary sheets for each module so you can deepen and refresh your knowledge!
  • Mobile access so you can learn anywhere, anytime!
  • FREE monthly coaching calls!


Chris Williams has worked for some of North America’s best-known brands.  He teaches leaders to elevate their art with courage, connectivity and grit.  His mission is to create heroes.  Chris is known as the:

  • Host of The Badass Agile Podcast, heard in 150 countries
  • Host of the Badass Agile Entrepreneur and Greatness to Go Podcasts
  • Owner and Master Coach of The Forge and Forge Professional immersion experiences
  •  Learning professional with almost three decades experience with instruction and inspiration
  • Co-founder of Agile Sidekick, which helps new Agile professionals land the job

Everything has changed. Are you ready?

In uncertain and changing times, the world needs great certainty and effectiveness.  You can feel the massive gap in leadership.  You feel the pull.  You hear the call.  Perhaps you feel a duty to arise.  Don’t wait another minute.  The Future of Leadership awaits.

REFUND POLICY:  If you are not completely satisfied with this product, I will happily refund your money within 15 days of purchase…hassle free!